Joining a mastermind

Why Join a Mastermind?

Mastermind groups provide professional growth through a blended array of activities, meetings, and events, from brainstorming and learning to accountability and support. Participants inspire one another to set and achieve meaningful goals, driving collective success.

Joining a mastermind can be a different experience with many preconceived expectations. It’s important to know most groups will have a commitment of time, homework, and payment. They can be large groups, virtual, weekly, or various types of structured engagement.

For those searching for one in the Vancouver-Portland metro area, we’re excited to provide our mastermind.

The Connected Mastermind:

Ours is a simple purpose of executing encouragement and accountability. To support the development and fostering of authentic relationships with business leaders and owners.

Our Keys to Success:

  • Diverse Expertise
  • Vulnerable Conversations
  • Authentic Accountability
  • Inspiring Activities
  • A Professional Community

Building Authenticity in the Business Model:

True authenticity in a business model is vital because it cultivates a genuine standard of excellence for the company and its customers. Every leader has to first be true to oneself and has to operate in trust, transparency, and empathy in relationships. Authentic individuals inspire others, create meaningful bonds, and build a foundation of integrity, enhancing both personal fulfillment and professional success.

Enrollment for the 2023 has expired. We’ll be accepting applications starting November 15, 2023 for 2024.